2015 Winner of The Matilda Award for Best Female Actress in a Leading Role - Grounded

Munro is simply extraordinary in this role. She spends the entire 75 minutes alone in the space with barely a prop to help her. She demands the audience’s attention from the moment they enter the theatre… and she doesn’t let go until she exits.

…from arrogant and bullish to broken and torn at the end, the subtlety with which Munro attacks each moment is a beautiful thing to watch. Munro once again proves to be one of Queensland’s strongest performers…

The Courier Mail

The Queensland Theatre Company scored a coup securing the rights to this two-handed Broadway hit before Sydney or Melbourne. Strong writing, clever plot twists and sharp directing by Andrea Moor made it fly, but it was Libby Munro’s star turn as wicked waif Vanda that shot it into the stratosphere. Fleshed in leather with burnished ambition in her eyes, Munro owned the Cremorne stage, leaving co-star Todd McDonald a warm puddle in her wake.

The Sydney Morning Herald

The Matilda award-winning actress Libby Munro (Venus in Fur) now plays a feisty ex Air-Force Top Gun pilot who tries to rekindle her career after having a child and finds a new kind of war.

The Sydney Morning Herald

Munro is mesmerising… both the writing and Munro’s acting are so strong that you leave the theatre both energised and a little shell-shocked.


If you want to see this year’s best performance and be part of the crowd who’ll say “I saw her first” when she accepts an Academy Award one day, don’t miss Libby Munro in Grounded. In what must constitute the acting masterclass of the year, Munro expertly shows us every tiny detail of her world.

XS Entertainment

A flawless brunette beauty, tall, slender, strong, even in the most sensitive, vulnerable moments, Munro has the striking looks and arresting presence envied by leading ladies who fail to cast a similar spell over audiences.

The rich nuanced vocal work is superb and the pace, as we leap across the hours, days, years, is as real-time as it gets… When you see Munro’s tour-de-force performance in the intimate space you’ll understand I’m not exaggerating. You’ll come under her spell and know too that she’s something special.

She must be the spunkiest, sexiest, most compelling actress on an Australian stage right now. Hers is a sublime performance of a hard-hitting, game-changing text that could mean we won’t see Munro on a local stage for a little while after this season closes.

It’s an intense slow-burn one woman drama and Munro is thrilling in it. It’s one hell of a ride. Testament to the lasting impression this production leaves, on opening night there were many in the audience who stayed sitting in their seats after the curtain call, just sitting… perhaps hoping to be offered something stronger than champagne.

XS Entertainment

Libby Munro (gives) a virtuoso performance as The Pilot. She is indeed a DIVA – a sole performer in command of her well-trained skills and emotional intensity giving us one of the most thought provoking experiences in the theatre.

Hush Hush Biz

If you are lucky enough to catch Libby in this play it’s a performance you’ll always remember. I think the sky’s the limit for this talented actress and her career is only just taking off.

Briz Dazz

Libby Munro brilliantly enacts the downward spiral of a female fighter pilot. Munro’s hands are mesmerising – they spread in despair, cramp over controls, and generally shape her story.

I wanted to clap after one particular scene, a confrontation with her commanding officer, but theatre audiences frown at that sort of behaviour – so Libby I’m clapping for you here.

… It’s all eyes on Munro and her consummate performance.

West End Magazine

Rarely will you see such a powerful script acted by such a powerful actor. For 75 minutes Libby Munro mesmerised the audience with a one-woman performance that made the audience chuckle, sympathise, admire, and finally weep for her.

It is in the transformation that Libby Munro excels. She knows her character, loves her character and with a flick of the wrist, a smile, a frown or a blazing cry or joyous laughter she slowly wrings the changes. She never recites the lines of the brilliant script she has learned but speaks them from the heart.

She performed at times like a pop star singer. In the intimate space of the Diane Cilento Studio she made eye contact with the audience in such a personal way; it was like she was speaking to you and you alone. That is a rare quality.

Absolute Theatre

Rarely will you see such a power script acted by such a talented actor.


In this new staging featuring renowned local actress Libby Munro, you’ll probably think it deserves more awards as well.

Concrete Playground

If you’re one of the lucky ones who saw Libby Munro in her Matilda Award-winning QTC debut, Venus in Fur – which received standing ovations on Opening Night – you’ll probably jump at the opportunity to see her again work her stage magic in Grounded.

Must do Brisbane

Two years ago Libby Munro set QTC alight with her part in David Ives’ Venus In Fur. ‘Set alight’ isn’t some naff metaphor. Literally, if the actress had turned it up another degree the building was in danger of catching fire.

This time around Munro plays the USAF pilot, who we only ever know as ‘The Pilot’. It’s a one woman show. There’s 75 minutes of dialogue. You won’t miss a word. Munro is captivating.

Munro keeps us spellbound throughout, That seventy-minutes goes by in what feels like fifteen. Munro has a rare gift for nuance. Her performance is pitch perfect. She’s hypnotic to watch and displays a stunning range.

The last time I felt this way was watching Matt Hayden bat for Queensland. He wasn’t going to be playing for Queensland for long. Bigger arenas beckoned. There’s that same sense of destiny about Munro, who impresses here and is destined for bigger things.


Tom Magazine

We have huge respect for one who can hold court for 90 minutes on her own. When it includes entertainment value the notch is raised even further. Enter Libby Munro.

Tick off a ridiculously good script, an actor with great physical stance with enough intensity to draw you in and generosity to keep you there… and you have the lead in a one-woman show for QTC’s Grounded.

It was her, all her, for 90 mins and she didn’t skip a beat. Not even for a glass of water. We were impressed.

Munro’s performance is striking and draws you into her world, thinking about it long after you have walked away.

The Good Guide

Libby Munro - Actress, Presenter

Munro in Grounded