2013 WINNER of the Matilda Award for Best Female Actor in a Leading Role - Venus in Fur

"… but in the most extraordinary QTC debut in recent years, Munro owns the stage.

This is the sort of fearless, thrilling acting that wins awards and QTC deserves plaudits for taking such a spectacular, and spectacularly successful, risk in the casting."

The Australian

"Libby Munro, a NIDA graduate of 2008, is surprisingly amazing, and dominates the stage. A relatively new talent, this being her first production with The Queensland Theatre Company; and yet, she has the on stage presence of a veteran, and gives a truly consummate performance. Though it might be a little too early in the year to call it; what the hell, I’m going to name Venus in Fur‘production of the year’."


"But it's the star performance from Libby Munro that seals the deal – Ives has written a brilliant female role and Munro launches herself into it with deftness and dexterity that must be seen.

Munro stalks and whirls about the stage as if she were the product of an illicit relationship between a tiger and a tornado."

Brisbane Times

"Munro is mesmerising, spontaneous and provocative. Her capacity to switch accents and pop in and out of the foul-mouthed auditionee and classy Eurpoean characters is astonishing … Munro is a tour de force. MacDonald and Munro’s bold virtuosity prompted a standing ovation."

The Courier Mail

"If you hear the name Libby Munro pop up in conversations, don't be surprised.

The star of Queensland Theatre Company's latest production Venus in Fur is the toast of critics and audiences after making her QTC debut in the show.

After small roles in shows such as All Saints and Slide, the NIDA-trained actress appeared with the Sydney Theatre Company and Griffin Theatre Company but made her first appearance on the QTC stage as sexy seductress Vanda in the hit production."

All leather and attitude, Munro is fast becoming theatre's new "it" girl.

Herald Sum

"Libby Munro is a force to be reckoned with. Her performance takes you by the balls and owns the show. According to Queensland Theatre Company’s Artistic Director’s Welcome Notes, QTC have been trying to find the perfect role for Libby since she attended the general auditions two years ago. This is the perfect role. And her presence on stage is long overdue."

Australian Stage

"Libby Munro has all this and more. Much, much more. She’s the complete package, a goddess, which is so exciting; especially at this stage of QTC’s 2013 season, in this highly anticipated premiere of David Ives’ Venus in Fur. Quite simply, actors of Munro’s calibre don’t come around often … and it was time. Just saying … no, but really! Wow! What a find! (Can we keep her?)! As Vanda, Munro completely spoils us; she’s the ultimate seductress, with strong principles and a Pilates-toned Honey Birdette clad bod …"

XS Entertainment

Libby Munro - Actress, Presenter

Munro as Vanda in Venus in Fur